Less is more…

I originally thought  the Heritage Classic in Calgary was I good idea, giving the hockey fans of Canada a chance to experience what we, in the United States, have enjoyed over the past 4 years, an outdoor hockey game in a great venue.  Boy was I mistaken!  Has the National Hockey League ever heard the saying “sometimes less is more?”

Every year the spectacle that is the Winter Classic has brought worldwide publicity and fanfare to the great game of hockey, but by adding the Heritage Classic to the mix I believe cheapens the product.

The venue, a Canadian football team stadium where the Calgary Stampeders call home.   It was very poorly lit and shadows were cast all over the playing surface.  The camera angles made it very hard to watch plays develop and being 15 degrees at game time you would think that league could have made the ice a non factor.

I was excited to sit and watch a game with teams that you really don’t get to see very often but with all the other factors I turned the game off 15 minutes into the first period and surfed the world wide web, much more exciting.

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One Response to “Less is more…”

  1. I agree. Heritage Classic…bad idea. I guess having an annual outdoor game involving two Canadian teams is a way of pacifying those Canadians who feel like their beloved sport has been hijacked by the Americans, and in some ways, I don’t blame them for feeling like that.

    That being said, one outdoor game a year is the right number. Then, it’s an event. More than one, now you’re diluting the specialness of it.

    There’s nothing that says Canadian cities can’t host the Winter Classic. In fact, maybe it would be a good idea to alternate Winter Classic sites yearly, between sites in the U.S. and Canada. And if the Classic continues to be staged for years to come, and Montreal gets to host the game again before it comes back to Pittsburgh, Buffalo, or Chicago, so what?

    It’s about the game, anyway.