Playing Smarter

What a disappointing evening it was Friday night.  Game number 2 of the playoffs turned out to be a throttling by the Lightning.  It is hard to explain or even come up with a reason for the lack of intensity at the start of the game and the horrible penalties taken by the Penguins.  I do know that the players were well informed of the importance of this game by Coach Dan, but it definitely did not translate to the ice.

In any sport there are things that happen throughout games and series that players need to register in their heads for future reference, for example the amount of penalties called against one team.  The Penguins made their bed with the many unnecessary penalties that they took.

Let me state for the record that my biggest pet peeve is the way the NHL and the referees call penalties in hockey games.  There is no way that after a game the amount of penalties called in a game should be even or close to even, the referees look at the score board and even things up.  Now take a 7 game series, I will bet that at the conclusion of any series the penalties will be almost close to even.

Now look at game 1, the Penguins had 1 penalty called against them and Tampa had 6, so everyone connected to the game should have realized that the 2nd game was going to be the total opposite and the Pens would be called for everything, and they were.

The Penguins led the NHL in Penalty Killing Percentage this past season, which is a major accomplishment but that will not be enough to win out in the post season.  Bad penalties will cost them games and ultimately the series.

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    It’d be a simple matter of us emailing you the questions and you answering and returning them when you can.

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