Power Play Training Series

POWERPLAY sports specific HOCKEY training movie

Do you believe in Miracles?

There is a consensus out there that slowing down is an inevitable part of aging. It’s not true. Lapses in athletic prowess have less to do with irreversible physical changes and more to do with settling for the myth of slowing down.

If you consistently challenge yourself with high-level modern training, disciplined nutrition and get smart about injury prevention you can continue to produce at the highest levels….in fact, you may outperform younger athletes who lack your experience, savvy and feel for your sport.

From ice HOCKEY to ultimate fighting 21st-century professional athletes and weekend warriors alike are beating back the clock. They are reversing, or at least fighting to a draw, the aging process.

So why are you settling?

POWERPLAY is the first of it’s kind

HOCKEY performance movie providing expert off-ice circuit training

Designed to focus on the 3 key components of HOCKEY performance:

Speed and Agility

Core Stability

Explosive Power

POWERPLAY will maximize your on-ice performance while minimizing injury.

Dr. Vonda Wright partners with 2x Stanley cup champion and fitness expert, Peter Taglianetti, to bring you the first in a series of hockey specific circuit training movies. The 3 part POWERPLAY movie details Dr. Wright’s approach to masterful performance, provides indepth instruction to safely teach you a 10 exercise HOCKEY training circuit and a “real time” demonstration of the exercises performed in 45 second bursts. The entire movie is set to a dynamic original score. Click here to purchase the movie and the training series.